What does it mean to be literate in the 21st century? What does it mean to be a global citizen? And what role might literature play in understanding this world we share? WorldLiterate is a site founded to explore these key questions. WorldLiterate is an open access collection inviting everyone to explore the many worlds of literature.

The vast and various journeys captured in world literature have highlighted the human perplexity of living – our exaltation, our despair, our challenges and growth.  But in reading literature, we may discover an additional journey – a journey of self.  Reading takes us to new places and shows us things never seen before, both in the world and in ourselves.  To embrace literature is to embark on a voyage of discovery, exploring other ways of seeing and being.  And in our world fraught with conflict, we all must strive to encounter one another with openness to our essential and common humanity. Stories are at the core of such striving. Stories are the basis for understanding ourselves, our communities, our histories, and our collective future.

The stories individuals know help determine what kind of lives they can live. Great stories give us a glimpse of the human condition, they help us understand difference, they broaden our horizons.  Worldliterate is a place to discover and share knowledge about stories that matter.


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